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Just before midnight on the day of the big vote, he went downtown to see if anyone had begun lining up.

According to Kapralos, template changes, multimedia add-ons, and paid freelancing opportunities are in the works.

The latest call, which is for student reports on Internet infrastructure, access, and control, offers $100 for selected stories.

The first major freelance initiative was the Sudan assignment, which spun into action quickly as hopes for the referendum became reality.

president Nicholas Chiaia was a strong advocate of hiring students as stringers for the seminal event.

“You’re also seeing a lot of really groundbreaking work.

And you’re seeing it through a lens that you don’t always see through the New York Times or .” One prime example involves peeling potatoes.

In some schools, the teachers are the individuals required to receive the food shipments and prepare the meals — forcing them to spend hours each day cooking, mixing, and peeling essentials like potatoes and carrots in place of teaching.

As Kapralos explained it, “The story our student found: Yeah, the students are getting lunch, but they’re not getting any education because their teachers are spending literally the entire day in the kitchen.” Another problem: Hungry students often attend school just for lunch, and then skip out on the learning. They use the site to gain a web presence with panache and ignore the professional mentors’ editing feedback, leaving their articles’ factual inaccuracies and grammar slips in public view.

“He really sees the value in student journalists and he is not one to turn them away simply because they have minimal professional experience,” said Kapralos.

“He’s the one to say, ‘We need to utilize students, if there’s a way we can do it that equates to responsible reporting and provides quality work.’” Kapralos contacted two student journalists in Kenya whose previous work impressed her: Abdi Latif Dahir and Abdullahi.

Unbeknownst to many Westerners, a government program in India requires public schools to provide a hot lunch for all students.