Start Dating a fender stratocaster body

Dating a fender stratocaster body

The humbucking pickups used in the Contemporary models have a DC resistance which is approximately 7.6 .

have a strat body sheerwood green with serial numbers 220623 and its numberede 3 under the pickguard is a signature.

its attached to a 2002 squier strat affinity crafted in .

The Fender Contemporary Stratocaster and Telecaster models were part of the Fender Japan E series model range.

When CBS sold Fender to its current owners in 1984 there was a transitional period from 1984 to 1987 with limited Fender USA production resulting in mostly Fender Japan and leftover stock being sold.

There are also Fender Contemporary Telecaster models with HSS or HH pickup configurations and switches for selecting pickup options.

The Fender Contemporary Telecaster models used the same tremolo systems as the Fender Contemporary Stratocaster models.

wondering if i could have a hint about where the body came from or how to tell. You have a Fender Stratocaster body with a serial number 220623 - then something about a 3? Fender places the serial numbers on the headstock or with the older ones on the neckplate.