Start Updating world of warcraft addons

Updating world of warcraft addons

The World Of Warcraft installation directory can partially be configured from the lcurse settings, but the application will fail to start if the Wo W addons folder doesn't exist the first time you run it.

Because the interface was partially in German, I forked it and translated everything into English (I also fixed small, yet important bug that caused the app not to work).

lcurse features: Unfortunately, the Wo W installation path is hardcoded in lcurse so you must have World of Warcraft installed in the default location if you want to use this application .

The first thing you need to do to be able to use jcurse is to set the World of Warcraft installation path : (the first command above navigates to the jcurse folder and it assumes you've extracted jcurse in your home directory) For example, to set the path to the default World of Warcraft installation folder, use: where "ADDON_SHORT_NAME" is the addon short name which comes after "/wow/" in the addon URL.

For instance, if the addon URL is , for the command above you'd have to use "deadly-boss-mods" (without the quotes).

To install Open JDK 8 (JRE) in Ubuntu 14.10 or 15.04, use the following commands: For Ubuntu 14.04 and 12.04, you can use THIS PPA to install Open JDK8 (not tested).

Also, for any Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint version, you can use the Web Upd8 Oracle Java PPA to install the latest Oracle Java 8: After installing Java 8, simply download the latest (version 1.0 at the time I'm writing this article) jcurse from HERE and extract it in your home directory.

Not many Add Ons are configured this way (though a fair few of the ones I've written are, because I'm lazy); so it's fairly likely you haven't had to make any manual edits.

I think it's probably alright, but I don't really trust the ads in it (in the past people have claimed that they got a virus from it, but it's possible they may not have been using the real Curse Client). I just use the favourite system on the Curse ( W Interface ( websites to keep track of which Add Ons I use.

I was updating my addons and when logged on i get this: Date: 2017-01-18 ID: 1Error occured in: Global Count: 1Message: [string "return function()..."] line 2: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'WA_PS_TICK_TIMER' (a nil value)Debug: [string "return function()..."]:2: [string "return function()..."]:1 Weak Auras\Region Types\icon.lua:251: Update Custom Text() Weak Auras\Weak Auras.lua:2961: Weak Auras\Weak Auras.lua:2957Locals:(*temporary) = defined =[C]:-1(*temporary) = 499664.052(*temporary) = nil(*temporary) = "attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'WA_PS_TICK_TIMER' (a nil value)"Add Ons: Swatter, v7.3a.5701 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Angry Keystones, v Auc Advanced, v7.3a.5701 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Filter Basic, v7.3a.5701 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Filter Outlier, v7.3a.5701.5459(7.3a/embedded) Auc Match Undercut, v7.3a.5701.5585(7.3a/embedded) Auc Stat Histogram, v7.3a.5701 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Stati Level, v7.3a.5701 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Stat Purchased, v7.3a.5701 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Stat Sales, v7.3a.5701.5598(7.3a/embedded) Auc Stat Simple, v7.3a.5701 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Stat Std Dev, v7.3a.5701 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Stat WOWEcon, v7.3a.5701.5613(7.3a/embedded) Auc Util AHWindow Control, v7.3a.5701.5575(7.3a/embedded) Auc Util Appraiser, v7.3a.5701.5666(7.3a/embedded) Auc Util Ask Price, v7.3a.5701.5599(7.3a/embedded) Auc Util Auto Magic, v7.3a.5701.5686(7.3a/embedded) Auc Util Compact UI, v7.3a.5701.5694(7.3a/embedded) Auc Util Easy Buyout, v7.3a.5701.5576(7.3a/embedded) Auc Util Fix AH, v7.3a.5701 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Auc Util Item Suggest, v7.3a.5701.5651(7.3a/embedded) Auc Util Price Level, v7.3a.5701.5633(7.3a/embedded) Auc Util Scan Button, v7.3a.5701.5631(7.3a/embedded) Auc Util Scan Finish, v7.3a.5701.5588(7.3a/embedded) Auc Util Scan Progress, v7.3a.5701.4979(7.3a/embedded) Auc Util Scan Start, v7.3a.5701.5347(7.3a/embedded) Auc Util Search UI, v7.3a.5701.5672(7.3a/embedded) Auc Util Simple Auction, v7.3a.5701.5654(7.3a/embedded) Auc Util Vend Markup, v7.3a.5701.4828(7.3a/embedded) Babylonian, v5.1.

DEV.332(/embedded) Bean Counter, v7.3a.5701 (Tasmanian Thylacine) Configator, v5.1.

DEV.406(/embedded) DBMCore, v7.1.7 DBMDefault Skin, v DBMStatus Bar Timers, v Debug Lib, v5.1.